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One Piece Author Creates New Characters For One Piece Unlimited World: RED



The next One Piece game, One Piece Unlimited World: Red will have an added reason to be picked up by fans—two brand new original characters designed by mangaka Eiichiro Oda himself, revealed in the next issue of Shounen Jump magazine.


Red is the final boss and titular bad guy in the game. With white, flowing hair and red sideburns, the well-dressed elderly man shares the curled eyebrows of Sanji. Nothing is known yet of his motivations, with his story arc being wholly original.


Pat, on the other hand, is a strange new racoon (or Tanuki) with a bushy tail. What his role will be is also unknown.


There will also be a third new character, the innkeeper Yadoya. Yadoya is voiced by Rumi Hiiragi who voices Chihiro (Sen) in Spirited Away.


One Piece Unlimited Works will be out in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS on November 21.


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