One Piece: Grand Cruise Shows A Kraken Battle, Chopper And Zoro Communication Events

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One Piece is getting a brand new PlayStation VR game called One Piece: Grand Cruise, where you’ll get to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates and take on battles in VR. Here are new screenshots from Bandai Namco.




In One Piece: Grand Cruise you’ll take on the role of an apprentice learning the ways of pirates aboard the Thousand Sunny to experience what it’s like being a pirate for d a day. The game offers communication events with the Straw Hat Pirates as well as some action as part of combat action against the Navy.




Here’s a look at two new screenshots showing communication events with Chopper and Zoro.






We also got a look at some interaction events with Luffy and Nami.


As for the battles in One Piece: Grand Cruise, they’re called “Shooting Battles” where you’ll encounter Navy battleships and will need to shoot down cannonball attacks from the enemy.




The Navy isn’t the only enemy in the sea, as you’ll also run into the Kraken for some battles. The above is a look at a couple first screenshots for the Kraken fight that requires you to use the cannon to hit its tentacles.


One Piece: Grand Cruise releases in Japan in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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