One Piece Imagination Works Luffy Goes on Sale in August

One Piece Imagination Works

Tamashii Nations will expand its line of premium action figures with a new Imagination Works release. After two Dragon Ball figures, Bandai is tapping the One Piece vein. That vein will yield Imagination Works Luffy, the 3rd figure in the line and first from One Piece. Revealed back in January, the finalized figure will go on sale in August 2022.

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Like the Goku and Vegeta figures in the line, Imagination Works Luffy is built to 1/9 scale. That makes him a bit larger than the more common 1/12 scale. That said, a bigger scale leaves more room for detail and suits flourishes like cloth accessories. After all, flourishes are on-brand for Imagination Works. Tamashii Nations describes the brand identity as “a new pinnacle” of poseable action figures.

Imagination Works Luffy appears as he does in the later chapters of One Piece, following the time skip and well into the Wano Country story arc. The figure wears an outfit that matches Luffy’s look as he and his allies ready for battles in Onigashima.

Check out some pictures of the figure in the gallery or on the product page.

The figure sports a dark cloth overcoat and wears a red cloth shirt. The shirt exposes Luffy’s chest scar. His purple sash and orange pants are made of sculpted plastic. He comes with a variety of accessories, including heads with and without his trademark straw hat. Hat pieces with and without a string to hang around Imagination Works Luffy’s neck are included too. Furthermore, the figure has multiple arms available, with extra arms detailed with the dark, hardened appearance of Color of Arms Haki (Busoshoku Haki).

Tamashii Nations will sell Imagination Works Luffy in August 2022 in Japan. The figure will cost 10,000 JPY (about $72 USD at current rates) excluding tax.

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