One Piece Live Action Ep.3
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One Piece Live-Action Episode 3 Recap: The Boy who Cried Wolf

While Netflix’s One Piece live action has been officially renewed for a second season, many viewers are still watching the first season for a second (or maybe first) time. The adaptation of the anime has been keeping viewers entertained for nearly a month now and many are chomping at the bit for season 2.

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Editor’s Note: The rest of the article contains spoilers for the One Piece live-action adaptation up through episode 3.

After surviving Captain Morgan and Buggy, the crew of three set off in search of a ship in episode 3. In this new episode, we are introduced to Usopp and Kaya in Syrup village, a village renowned for its ship-building. 

The episode starts off with Luffy, Nami, and Zoro aboard Nami’s small ship. After realizing they have some problems with it, they set off in search of a new one worthy of the crew of the future pirate king. (Or at least one with a working toilet.) Meanwhile, Koby is hard at work on Garp’s ship, where he is singled out by Garp as a particularly skilled marine candidate. He invites him up to his quarters to play Baduk (also known as Go) with him to ascertain just how skilled he is in strategy.

After Luffy and the gang arrive in Syrup Village, Luffy pushes their old ship out to sea, leaving them with no choice but to find a new boat. Here, Zoro realizes that Buggy was worth a substantial bounty and he would have liked to collect it. The scene then cuts to Buggy putting himself back together back in his circus tent when an unknown fishman shows up telling him that Arlong would like to talk. Buggy is visibly shaken. He tries to take out the henchman, but is easily overpowered. 

Back in Syrup Village, Luffy meets Usopp while shopping for a boat. Usopp, who we were introduced to at the beginning of the show as a kid running through town warning people that pirates are coming, is working on a boat that Luffy is particularly interested in. He informs them that the ship they are interested in, and the whole shipyard, is owned by his friend, Kaya. When the group arrives at Kaya’s house, they see that she really is rich. However they are stopped when Usopp is seen and confronted by two of her servants. Thankfully, she comes just in time to keep Usopp from being thrown out.

One Piece Live Action Ep.3

Image via Netflix

Kaya, whose birthday it happens to be, is escorted at all times by a rather scary butler named Klahadore. Usopp introduces his friends as “his crew,” and we learn that Usopp enjoys telling Kaya fabricated stories about his adventures at sea. We learn later on that she is set to inherit her parent’s shipyard at midnight. 

After dinner, we see Klahadore in the basement with the executor of Kaya’s parents’ will. He tells the butler that he needs to confirm with Kaya that she indeed wants to hand the business over to him. Klahadore then kills the executor using some special skills that allow him to move extremely quickly. 

Buggy, meanwhile, is being interrogated by Arlong. He heard that Buggy attacked the town and didn’t pay the tax. Just when he’s about to attack Buggy, he’s told about Luffy and how he plans on finding the One Piece.

After some bonding between Usopp and Luffy, during which we find out Usopp’s father was part of Shanks’ crew and Luffy met him, Zoro and Usopp go into the basement. They find the executor of Kaya’s will dead and attack Klahadore. Zoro is easily dispatched, while Usopp manages to escape. He runs into the village to warn them that there are pirates here, but because he’s been known to lie about it, no one believes him.

One Piece is available to stream on Netflix. The anime is on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Viz Media handles physical copies of the manga volumes outside Japan.

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