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One Piece Unlimited World: RED Has The Largest Town Of Any One Piece Game


4Gamer have the latest bit of news on One Piece Unlimited World: Red and the city-building portion of the game. Red will have the largest town ever yet seen in a One Piece title to date, with the introduction of new city Trans Town.





The large town will be built up by Luffy and crew by hunting down the right raw materials to create new facilities or expansions to the town. A pharmacy (above), factory, general store, restaurant  and museum have been revealed to be buildable so far.




Players can also freely explore the town with Luffy using a new “Rubber rubber action” style that has Luffy’s rubber body extending to grapple up buildings.



Finding building materials will require players to head out into the world to gather wood, animals and the like to be traded in. There’s fishing, insect gathering, plant gathering and other such mini-games.



It’s also been noted that some materials can’t be found unless you use specific characters or have them in tandem with you in co-op. I guess it helps to have more friends pulling on your back when you go fishing for humongous whoppers, right?


One Piece Unlimited World: Red will be out for the Nintendo 3DS November 21st in Japan.