One Piece Unlimited World: RED Lets You Perform Co-Op Combination Attacks

Gathering materials to build up Trans Town is one thing, but while you’re out in the field hunting down the goods, you’ll have to fight a variety of monsters and other ne’er-do-wells. Fortunately, Luffy won’t be fighting alone. One Piece Unlimited World: Red’s game will allow up to four player co-op.

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Bringing friends is a good idea, as you’ll then be able to unleash special combination attacks that deal major damage against foes. In the screenshots in this post, Luffy, Chopper and Franky seem to get one set of attacks, while Zoro, Usopp and Brook get another. Finally, Nico Robin, Sanji and Nami look like they’ll be able to combine attacks, too.


Whether there are more varieties or smaller combinations for two-player co-op has yet to be revealed.





During fights, it will be possible to time button presses to evade an enemy’s attack, block with a perfect guard moment, and even counter—which will be necessary when going up against either that powerful ice yeti or multiple foes. It’s also possible to bring friends along when facing down bosses.


One Piece Unlimited World: Red will be out for Nintendo 3DS November 21st in Japan.

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