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One Piece Unlimited World Red Shows The Corrida Colosseum Modes



One Piece Unlimited World Red will have extra features that weren’t available in the original Japanese 3DS release with the new Corrida Colosseum mode, where you’ll be taking on Doflamingo and others. Ganbarion’s developer blog shares a closer look at the new content.


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To get you up to speed, the “Battle Colosseum” mode takes place at the Corrida colosseum in the Dressrosa arc of One Piece, where the Mugiwara pirates faces Donquixote Doflamingo.


In One Piece Unlimited World Red, it’s a new mode with four different ways to fight. Here’s a look at them:



The Battle Royale mode is where you’ll be giving everything you got against two or more tough opponents in the arena. Working well with your partner will be the key to winning these fights.



As the name implies, Duel mode will put you in a 1v1 battle. Unlike the other modes that have multiple characters, you’ll constantly be attacked in this mode, so you might need to brush your solo skills up for it.



In the Brawl mode, you’ll be taking on a bunch of small-fry enemies. They say that characters with ranged attacks or attacks that can hit multiple foes at once will have an edge in this mode.



Finally, the Boss Rush mode will have you take on bosses one after another, and it is said to be quite the challenge. This might also be the best way to get some rank ups.



Additionally, there’s a Special Match feature that has different battles for your characters. Winning these special fights will give you a huge boost in rank, and they will also have their own original side-stories to them.


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There will also be various story developments that were never shown in the original, as you can get your own dream mix of characters to participate in this mode, like the ones seen in the above images.


One Piece  Unlimited World Red will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U on June 12 in Japan and sometime in 2014 in North America, which will also be get the Nintendo 3DS version.

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