Nintendo 3DS

One Piece Unlimited World: RED Teases Its Large World And Combat




The latest trailer from Namco Bandai brings us some much-hoped for sequences that show off One Piece Unlimited World: RED in action. The video shows off Luffy making his way around Trans Town—the largest in any One Piece game so far—utilizing his rubber arm to quickly grapple up surfaces and show off the free-ranging factor within the town itself.


It also runs through a medley of bosses that you’ll have to fight through, including many of the Marine leaders such as Sakazuki and Kizaru and pirate foes like Crocodile and Trafalgar Law.



Combat in Red as we mentioned will automatically swap controls around to make the game quicker and more fluid – and it’s on show here in the trailer. Multiplayer gets a quick nod with a  shot of how all four characters can get a different view while playing together, but we don’t get anything more than the previous screens we’ve seen when doing combined attacks.


Part of the trailer also shows off some of the mini-games players can partake in such as fishing and bug catching – which utilizes a simple rhythm game mechanic after you’ve successfully landed a catch to hook your goods. It also shows off a little bit of the special mission where players can become Ace.


One Piece Unlimited World: RED will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS like a tsunami November 21st. Don’t forget Namco Europe have registered the domain for the game’s title in Europe, a hopeful sign for everyone!