One Piece Unlimited World: RED Videos Shows Off Each Of The Playable Characters

Namco Bandai have unleashed a smorgasbord of how the main cast of the Straw Hat Pirates will play like in the upcoming One Piece Unlimited World: Red for the Nintendo 3DS. Each character will have their own signature style, and that means very different ways to approach the game. This should be real fun in multiplayer after what we’ve seen in the demo.

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It’s the main man himself with the rubbery body that can self-inflate. Lots of special moves will be available for him we’re betting.





Zoro’s three-sword fighting style is a lot more direct than Brook’s more genteel dances, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t pack a punch himself.





Is that a freakin’ cannonball machine Franky keeps packed away someplace on his body?





Brook looks like he’ll be the one who takes you across water obstacles that bar your way, and his sword dancing skills have quite an impact on the duck ladies…





Cute, cuddly Chopper. So misunderstood. So unbelievably deadly. It’s a wonder after so long how the hell he still has only 50 bells for his bounty.


Nico Robin



Robin’s (honestly rather creepy, if incredibly hand-y ha ha!) ability to summon more hands anywhere she pretty much wants is much in abundance when she’s quickly able to take down several foes surrounding her by just bitchslapping them all with a massive hand.





Nami’s extendable rod summons thunder – befitting her navigator status for the Straw Hats team – which will be able to effectively sweep across multiple foes at once.





Sanji’s kicking style means he’ll have plenty of air time as he both twirls and kicks foes into the air for multi-hit combos before a quick thrust smashes them away. He’ll also be able to crash down to the earth with a fiery blast.





The man with the slingshot can fling powerful summoned beings or go into first-person mode to pinpoint target enemies as they approach.


One Piece Unlimited World: RED will be available in Japan on November 21st.

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