One Piece Unlimited World: RED’s Luffy Is Really A Monster Hunter Hero

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One Piece Unlimited World: RED is finally out in Japan, and as the last big piece of news, Namco Bandai are letting us know about the questing system in the game. Yadoya (voiced by Spirited Away’s Chihiro voice actress Rumi Hiiragi) will be the one doling them out.


While most of the time, quests will be basic activities like going catch her some fish, bugs and whatnot to help beef up Trans-Town, there will also be monster hunts littered amongst these quests.



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Do well enough, and at some point you’ll have to face down the mighty T-Rex or Dragons that come in Electric and Ice varieties, a la Monster Hunter, with whichever allies are along for the ride. Do really well and you’ll be asked to go track down Franky’s crazed robotic twin machine “Black Franky’s Shogun”.


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If you’re not too keen on fighting all the time, there’s also some mini-games scattered throughout RED that aren’t the harvesting or bug catching sections. One of the more hilarious ones is a 2D side-scrolling game where Luffy runs around the pier as Sanji tosses food and other things at him. Eat the food, miss the pots sounds like a really simple game (and it is) but we probably shouldn’t knock something that’s free and thrown in as a very cool nonetheless extra.


One Piece Unlimited World: Red is out now for Nintendo 3DS.

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