One Piece: World Seeker Details More Of Its Metal Gear-Like Stealth Features

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One Piece: World Seeker is a bit of a different take on One Piece with an open-world to explore and instead of beating up hundreds of enemies at a time you’ll get to sneak around as Luffy. This week’s issue of Jump magazine provides us with more details. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The island the game takes place in is called “Jail Island.” It was once an island that was abundant in nature and mining areas. However, after the islanders fought over resources, civilization eventually left it as a deserted island.


In addition to a variety of characters from all members of the Straw Hat Pirates and various Marines like Smoker, the magazine confirms that the Revolutionary Army with Sabo will be on the island. CP0 with Rob Lucci has also been confirmed.


As for the new gameplay details, we got info on two skills that Luffy will get to use. The first is the Kenbunshoku Haki (Mantra) that is kind of like an infrared camera wall hack that allows Luffy to see enemies on the other side of walls or areas that are  hard to get a visual.


His other ability is called “Sneaking” where you’ll get to hide inside a barrel and move about, kind of like Snake’s cardboard box from the Metal Gear series.


One Piece: World Seeker releases worldwide in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our previous report to hear more from the producer who talked about open-world freedom and how it fits One Piece.

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