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One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Shows Off Hero And Villain Super Moves


Over the course of this February 2020, Bandai Namco released a new trailer for One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, showing off the villains Boros, Puri-Puri Prisoner, Sneck, and Crablante. Additionally, the company has released new screenshots showing off supermoves for both heroes and villains alike. [Thanks, 4Gamer 1, 2!]

Here are the highlights below:


Special Move 1: Consecutive Normal Punch

Saitama throws consecutive “weak” punches at the enemy.

Special Move 2: Hold on, today’s supermarket sale day!

An uppercut Saitama does when realizing he’s missing supermarket sales.

Power-up Move 1: Enforce Justice

Powers up Saitama’s attack for a while.

Super Move 1: Serious Punch

Saitama throws a serious punch. This defeats most enemies on one punch.

Super Move 2: One Punch You Cannot Defend Against

A super move in Serious Mode. When Saitama is hit while it’s active, he dodges behind the enemy, and throws a serious punch that looks like a giant fist to the enemy.

Power-up Move 2: Are you done yet?

Serious Mode time is extended.



Special Move 1: Machine Gun Blow

Multiple punches thrown in quick succession thanks to boosters in his arms. It reaches a bit further although it’s not a projectile.

Special Move 2: Incineration Cannon

A flaming projectile that can hit enemies from afar, and followed-up with after. However, there is a bit of time between activating the move and the fire coming out.

Special Move 3: Boost Attack

Genos boosts forward into a flying kick. If it hits, the opponent is blown away, and Genos follows up. If it’s blocked, Genos is wide open for a little bit.

Super Move: Dual Incineration Cannons

A super move usable in Arms Mode. Genos charges forward with a knee attack, and if it hits, he locks on and fires both Incineration Cannons. A super-strong move that hits over 60 Hits.


Special Move 1: Hellish Storm

A cyclone-shaped vortex appears that drags the opponent into the air.

Special Move 2: Hell Cutter

Throws rocks forward to knock away opponents. With additional inputs you can follow up.

Special Move 3: Hell Destroy

Fubuki touches the ground to raise it upward and crush the enemy between the floor and the piece of earth. A very strong attack that leaves Fubuki open if it misses.

Mumen Rider

Special Move 1: Justice Crash 1

Mumen Rider rides his bike and charges towards the enemy, and deals damage by sliding and hitting the enemy with the bike. This attack can blow enemies far away.

Special Move 2: Justice Crash 2

Mumen Rider picks up his bike and throws it. Doesn’t go as far as most projectiles, but if it hits, it sends enemies flying.

Power-up Move: I Must Fight You!

Mumen Rider increases his defense.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Special Move 1: Exploding Shuriken

Attacks with three shuriken from the air aiming downwards. If it hits, the shuriken explodes, and sends opponents flying.

Special Move 2: Wind Blade Kick

He jumps up and does five consecutive high-speed hits. Won’t send enemies flying, but if it hits, you down the opponent.

Special Move 3: Sonic Speed Cut

Sonic crouches down and charges forward. If it hits he attacks multiple times and downs the opponent.

Special Move 4: You thought you could run away from me?

A special move usable during mode change. He immediately teleports behind the enemy, and hits them far away.

Special Move 5: How about that! Can you see me?

A special move during Mode Change that makes him harder to see when moving. However, if he’s staying still or attacking, you can see him properly.

Super Move: Hail of Carnage

A super move usable during Mode Change. He jumps up and throws lots of shurikens to deal wide explosive damage.

Vaccine Man

Special Move 1: Energy Balls

Creates multiple energy balls above his head and throws it at his enemies. They home towards opponents. If one hits, the others will hit consecutively.

Special Move 2: Crush

Transforms his hand into a giant one, then grabs the enemy and crushes them. It’s short-ranged, but it can grab guarding enemies and down them.

Power-up Move: The reason why Vaccine Man was born

Increases regular attack power for a short period of time.

Super Move: Super Energy Ball

A super move usable during Mode CHange, where he engulfs himself with a giant ball of energy, and tackles the enemy. It can be used against opponents far away, but since his charging speed is slow, it’s easy to block if enemies are too far off.

Mosquito Girl

Special Move 1: Blood Suck

Sends out many mosquitos, which move forward slowly, and deal damage if it touches the enemy. The closer you are to the enemy, the more hits it does.

Special Move 2: Puncture Attack

Mosquito Girl jumps up, then dashes down towards the enemy attacking with the spike on her chin. Although it takes a while for her to charge, it can break the enemy’s guard.

Power-up Move: This isn’t anywhere near enough to satisfy me!

Mosquito Girl absorbs the blood her mosquitoes collected to power up her attack.

Super Move: Aerial Assault

Mode Change super move where she charges into the enemy, and follows up with many attacks in the air.

Carnage Kabuto

Special Move 1: Carnage Blow

A mighty right handed punch that sends opponents flying, but leaves Kabuto open to assault if blocked.

Special Move 2: Carnage Impact

Carnage Kabuto bends forward then charges forward. As it comes out quickly, it can be comboed from weak attacks. If the enemy is too far away, it’ll miss.

Special Move 3: Carnage Breath

A wide-hitting breath that should be used from afar, as Kabuto is immobile for a while using it. Depending on the timing, it can also erase enemy projectiles.

Super Move: Carnage Combo

In Carnage Mode, you can use this super move. He charges forward while punching, and if it hits, the enemy is greeted with a thousand punches. Use this move when close to the enemy.

Deep Sea King

Special Move 1: High-speed Close Punch

Deep Sea King charges up energy, then quickly gets close and punches the enemy. As he moves forward, it can be used to hit enemies far away, and when it hits, it knocks back enemies quite far.

Special Move 2: Acid Spit

Deep Sea King spits acid spit from his mouth, and enemies hit are downed immediately on the spot. The spit goes in an arc, so it doesn’t hit enemies too far away. It’s also decently slow.

Power-up Move: Let me get a bit serious

Deep Sea King powers up his own attack power.

Super Move: You Hit Each Punch with the Intent to Kill

During Pissed-off Mode, he can use this super move. He attacks with a punch that is followed up with consecutive blows. It’s very deadly and can deal more than half of the opponent’s health bar depending on who you’re facing.


Special Move 1: Tentacle Rush

Melzargard stretches a mass of limbs forward, dealing damage and pulling the enemy closer. Afterwards, you can combo into other attacks.

Special Move 2: Limb Shapeshifting

Melzargard turns his right hand into a blade to slash at the enemy. It’s got a long reach, and even if it’s blocked, you can continue attacking to get a bit of distance between the two of you.

Special Move 3: Regeneration

When activated, Melzargard’s health slowly refills. It lasts around 15 seconds.

Super Move: Unavoidable Instant Death

During Mode Change you can use this super move, where he grows wings and slashes with his right hand transformed into a blade. If it hits, it downs the opponent, and Melzargard fires from his spaceship.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows will release for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 27, 2020. The game will release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in North America and Europe on February 28, 2020.

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