One Way Heroics Plus Adds Loads Of New Content To The Japanese Roguelike



Japanese indie studio SmokedWOLF has released the upgraded version of its roguelike One Way Heroics on Playism under the name One Way Heroics Plus.


One Way Heroics Plus adds a bunch of new content including over 260 items, about 30 new skills and force powers, and over 230 types of new NPCs for you to meet. There are also new shortcuts, a fast-forward function, automatic positioning, and a pause feature for when you encounter an enemy or NPC.


Not stopping there, Plus also brings along three new classes:


  • Force Knight – “Wielding a sword and the power of the Force, the Force Knight is an all-around well balanced class.”
  • Ninja – “Can dish out incredible burst DPS and move at amazing speeds, but at the cost of their own life.”
  • Tourist – “Without question possesses the most pathetic stats, but if you can manage to fill in your travel journal you might be in for an interesting ending…”


Lastly, you can upgrade your castle with Dimensional Gold Coins, or you can use the coins to invite people to stay at your castle. Doing the latter opens up new quests that unlock extra classes, story arcs, and game mechanics.



As One Way Heroics is a roguelike you’re not guaranteed to see all this new content. It has you trying to make it through a procedurally generated world, gathering equipment, experience, items, and allies so that you can, eventually, take on the Demon Lord.


The original version of One Way Heroics can be purchased on Playism and Steam. While One Way Heroics Plus is currently only available on Playism for $6.99. However, those who purchase it on Playism will get Steam keys once they’re available and at no extra cost.

Chris Priestman