Onechanbara Z: Kagura’s Nonono Suffers Alcohol Withdrawal Instead Of Bloodlust

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PlayStation 3 port Onechanbara Z: Kagura with NoNoNo! has been delayed. Originally slated for an October 24th release this year, the zombie horde have successfully invaded and pushed the date back to the 7th of November instead. To help take the sting off of extra wait, D3Publisher is releasing more information on Dream C Club crossover hostess/time agent Nonono’s battle style.




Unlike Kagura’s sword antics or Saaya’s chainsaw madness, Nonono fights primarily with the power of the future. She’ll have two gloves that seem to be able to generate different forms of energy – which can be used to become lightsaber-y slicers or fire off projectiles. She can also whip out a futuristic rocket launcher.


Nonono also gets her own special energy gauge called Futuristic Ecstasy. The gauge gets powered up as you hit foes and stores up to three levels. When she’s in a pinch, she’ll literally call in reinforcements from the future, creating multiple time portal rips above foes that shoot ion cannon beams straight down on the zombie hordes.



Nonono isn’t a vampire, so she doesn’t suffer from blood frenzy issues. Instead, she’ll suffer from… alcohol withdrawal. Apparently, being a hostess time agent from the future gives one a mean urge to drink, and the smell of zombie blood awakens in Nonono a high tension state where she just wants to get a drink and get back to base. It’s otherwise similar to blood frenzy, where players gain bonuses to damage – though whether Nonono loses health at the same time is unknown.


It’ll also be possible for players to suck out boss skills in Onechanbara Z: Kagura with Nonono! These Vitality Skills will use your health bar when cast, but provide powerful abilities found nowhere else. One example is the above Vitality Skill Heavy Wave, which generates sharp spikes out from the ground in front of you to spear multiple zombies.

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