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Onee Chanbara Origin Saki Video Shows What Her Long Sword Can Do

Onee Chanbara Origin Saki

Ahead of Onee Chanbara Origin showing up in more regions, we’ve been getting better looks at the playable characters. After all, it’s been some time since we’ve seen both Aya and Saki. Which is why the latest Onee Chanbara Origin Saki video looks at her equipment and moveset.

This video is structured very similarly to the one previously released for her big sister, Aya. Things kick off by by looking at her weapon, which is a long sword almost as tall as she is. Her other weapon is her fists, which can beatdown opponents. Her subweapon is a kick that could stun an opponent. It’s also possible for Saki to “predict” an attack to dodge.

The segment also goes over cleaning Saki’s weapon. If she gets too much blood on, say, her sword, it will dull its edge. You’ll have to “reload” by pressing the left trigger to clean up periodically.

Here’s the full Onee Chanbara Origin Saki trailer from Clouded Leopard.

Onee Chanbara Origin will come to the PlayStation 4 and PC in North America and Europe on October 14, 2020. It will cost $59.99/€49.99. The game is immediately available in Japan. (Clouded Leopard is responsible for the Asian release of the game.)

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