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Onigiri Comes Out In The West On Xbox One This Month


    CyberStep’s free-to-play anime MMORPG Onigiri is coming out for Xbox One in the west this September (the latest update says September 9th). About a month after it arrives on Xbox One it should also be available on PlayStation 4 in the west, too.


    Onigiri has been out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Japan for a while now – in fact, it was a launch title on Xbox One in the country. It has only been available in the west on PC until now. You can download it for PC on its website.


    It has you playing as the descendant of the Oni who must set out with eight companions to fight against the Kamigui and their hidden masters the Goikkou. In other words, you can expect to be chopping up lots of demons. There are several playable classes and your companions will grow in power as you deepen  your ties with them.

    Chris Priestman

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