Oninaki Introduces Chain And Hand Combat Daemons Treize And Lucica

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Square Enix has given out the details for two new Daemons that lets Kagachi use the power of chain blades and melee hand combat respectively, with Treize and Lucica. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Treize (CV: Shizuma Hodoshima)

treize 1

A Daemon with an unending thirst for knowledge. He will show deep fascination in everything except for matters relating to human society. He has faint memories of people looking at him with strange looks. Treize wields his chain blades deftly and in a free manner, and specializes in dealing status effects. He can also use his chains midair for a quick burst of speed.


Here are more screenshots of Treize below:

treize 2

treize 3 treize 4

treize 5 treize 6


Square Enix also uploaded a gameplay video for Treize today:


Lucica (CV: Houko Kuwashima)

lusica 1

A Daemon who gives her all towards her duties. She wants to have more strength and wisdom, and can focus on this for periods of time that can feel like an eternity. She feels that the people forging a path to a new age are the light of hope.

Her playstyle focuses on melee hand combat supported by devices that enhance one’s abilities. She also opens up barriers and uses techniques that can block enemy attacks while dealing out massive amounts of damage.


Here are more screenshots below:

lusica 2

lusica 3 lusica 4

lusica 5 lusica 6


Square Enix has also introduced dangerous monsters who can be identified from the world of the living as mysterious animal-shaped marks on the ground. They are rare monsters that pose a big threat but will yield rare rewards when defeated.

lusica 7

lusica 8 lusica 9

lusica 10

lusica 11


Finally, here are more new miscellaneous screenshots below:

lusica 12 lusica 13

lusica 14 lusica 15

lusica 16 lusica 17

lusica 18 lusica 19

lusica 20 lusica 21


Oninaki will be released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC on August 22, 2019. We recently also took a look at some concept art for the game alongside developer comments in our previous post here.

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