Online & VR Versions Of Goofy Multiplayer Brawler Gang Beasts Coming To PS4

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Online multiplayer mode, which is still in development for the PC version of multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts, is set to be available for the PS4 version of the game at launch. In addition to that, the team is working on a Playstation VR mode that will become available in an update post-release.




Gang Beasts puts players in control of one of several gelatinous characters and sets them to work beating on each other in varied environments. Players can grab onto any body part or object, then proceed to throw, shove, or beat on it as they dangle from window cleaning scaffolds, ride on moving trucks, or tumble from unattended ferris wheels.




Players will be able to customize their own floppy character at launch, as well as play through the game’s various multiplayer modes. A story mode will also be made available as a patch post-release.

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