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Ooblets Roadmap Shows Nullwhere Will Appear in September, Full Launch in 2021

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An updated Ooblets roadmap has arrived on the official site. Glumberland has offered a general timeline of what people can expect from the game between now and the middle of 2021. The nearest event on the horizon will be the addition of the Ooblets Nullwhere region. Further off is the game’s full launch next year.

The September 2020 update will bring with it 0.4. Some of the Nullwhere additions will look familiar, as Glumberland confirmed the Dance Barn tournament characters will be available there in standard, uncommon, and gleamy colors. Those characters will be updated, and people will also see new crops and crafting opportunities.

Some of the future updates aren’t as well defined in the Ooblets roadmap. For example, something will happen in October 2020. It could be a scavenger hunt-like event or September’s new clothing could be added in October instead. Wildlands will appear as a new region in December 2020, in case you want to get back ooblets you sent away, and winter weather and new items will show up.

The 2021 updates are more indefinite. Early in the year, the Port Forward region will be added and bring new content. Specifically, “clothes, furniture, and decor” were mentioned. After that, another region and story update will come in 0.7. In the middle or end of 2021, the Ooblets full game launch will happen with the addition of the end of its story and one more region.

As a refresher, there are only two regions people can visit in Ooblets right now. One is Badgetown, where you live, and the other is the Mamoonia Desert. Nullwhere, Port Forward, and Elswair are all mentioned in the game already, but it is impossible to visit them. You can also send off unwanted ooblets to Wildlands, but can’t go there yet.

Ooblets is available in early access on the Xbox One and PC, with the PC version only available through Epic Games Store at the moment.

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