Open-World Co-op Factory Building Sim Satisfactory Shows Off Gameplay At E3 2018



Developer Coffee Stain Studio shared the latest look at its new FPS open-world factory building sim Satisfactory during the E3 2018 PC Gaming Show.


Welcome to FICSIT Incorporated! A company specialised in the research, development and application of new technology and science, anything to find short-term solutions to long-term problems! As part of our brand-new Save The Day program, you’ll be sent to one of many alien planets in an effort to contribute to Project Assembly, a project I am legally bound to not tell you anything about for fear of our lives. And my job.

As an engineer and pioneer, you won’t only be constructing and automating the very factory that will contribute to Project Assembly, but also explore and exploit the planet and its inhabitants as you expand. Don’t worry, we’re super inclusive when it comes to alien lifeforms! We’ll even allow for pets, how cool is that!? Just don’t tell R&D.


Fans can sign up for the closed beta at Satisactorygame.com.


Satisfactory is in development for PC.

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