Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Shows Off Its Monk And Cannoneer Classes

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Your characters in Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines only have two years to live, so you’ll need to make the most of it while you can. Picking out which of the eight basic job classes you’ll be using in your party will be one thing you’ll be spending time on early in the game, and 4Gamer shares details on the Monk and Cannoneer classes.




The Kenpo-trained Monks excel at close-ranged combat, where they can perform multiple explosive hits.


They also have the power to blast away enemies with a single kick. While Monks can’t equip heavy armor, they have high evasion to make up for it.


Monks might have the upper hand at close-ranged combat, but Cannoneers are all about attacking from a distance with powerful cannons.



Additionally, the Cannoneers have the ability to switch between powerful single-shots to shotgun-like spread shots that can hit multiple targets. They can only use light armor, which seems to be their only downside.


As previously reported, the goddess Nueko, who sacrificed her own life in order to bring the family back to life, will be joining your party later in the game. She has her own unique Summoner-like job class called Onmyoshi.



She uses a whip based on a centipede Shikigami (a sort of “kami” in Japanese folklore), and can use it to attack either the entire front or back row of enemies. Nueko can only equip light armor, but she’ll also have high evasion to go with it.


Nueko will have access to various other Shikigami, all with different effects on the battlefield. When she calls a Shikigami, some will become a part of her body, some will appear for a few turns, and others will appear for certain effects.


Here’s a look at Ushiomaru, a fiddler crab Shikigami. When summoned, Nueko’s arm gets a scissor-like appearance, which she uses to slice up enemies.



She can also use its hard shell to guard from attacks, making it an efficient tool for both offense and defense.


Tama and Tora are two lion-like Shikigami with fire and ice elemental attributes. Once they’re summoned, they can do massive damage to all enemies in the front and back rows.


Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will be released on July 17, 2014 for PlayStation Vita in Japan, and it will also be coming to the west at some point in time.

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