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Original Stitch Will Turn Your Favorite Poké Ball Into a Button

Original Stitch will make their Pokémon shirts more customizable in mid-May 2021 by adding new variations on color, Pokémon embroidery, and Poké Ball buttons. To celebrate, they will hold a Twitter poll from March 12-19, 2021 where users can vote for their favorite type of Poké Ball. The top three will be included as button designs. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]

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You can make your own one-of-a-kind Pokémon shirt with Original Stitch. The collar, the sleeves, the chest pocket, and color are all up to you. Though they announced that pale green and orange shirts will become available, there is no news on what new Pokémon will appear as options. Earlier this year, they added 34 patterns from Ruby and Sapphire and three other patterns based on the Galar starters.

How to Vote for a Poké Ball Button:

The poll is conducted on Twitter. Users have to include two hashtags in a tweet to vote: #推しボール総選挙 and #○○に投票. The first hashtag is “Favorite Poké Ball Poll” and the second hashtag is your actual vote. You have to put the Poké Ball you like in the OO. For example, if you want to vote for the Master Ball, you make a tweet that includes the hashtag #マスターボールに投票. It quite literally translates to #IVoteForMasterBall.

To make sure your vote is counted, you should avoid deleting or editing the tweet with the hashtag, and locked accounts will not count. They will only count one of your tweets, but if your tweet contains multiple votes, then they will count each individual vote.

The choices are:

  • マスターボール = Master Ball
  • プレミアボール = Premium Ball
  • ヒールボール = Heal Ball
  • ネットボール = Net Ball
  • ダークボール = Dusk Ball
  • クイックボール = Quick Ball
  • タイマーボール = Timer Ball
  • リピートボール = Repeat Ball
  • ダイブボール = Dive Ball
  • ゴージャスボール = Luxury Ball
  • サファリボール = Safari Ball
  • プレシャスボール = Cherish Ball
  • ウルトラボール = Beast Ball
  • ルアーボール = Lure Ball
  • レベルボール = Level Ball
  • ムーンボール = Moon Ball
  • ヘビーボール = Heavy Ball
  • スピードボール = Fast Ball
  • フレンドボール = Friend Ball
  • ラブラブボール = Love Ball

The Original Stitch Poké Ball buttons poll on Twitter will end March 19, 2021 and the new patterns will launch in mid-May 2021. Original Stitch’s Pokémon shirts start from $100 for adults and $85 for children.

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