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Osomatsu-san’s 3DS Game Is Kind Of Like WarioWare Featuring The Sextuplet Trolls




The Osomatsu-san anime may have ended a few months ago, but fans of the series can get more from our favorite sextuplet NEETs this December with their new 3DS game, Osomatsu-san Matumatsuri!



The game is listed as a “variety game,” meaning it’s filled with various mini-games, in the style of the WarioWare games. By playing various mini-games, you’ll increase friendship levels with the brothers, and unlock various illustrations, voices, and popular scenes from the anime.



There are over 100 scenes to collect, and you’ll get to check them all out with your collection of voices. Again, you can use your acquired backgrounds and illustrations combined with voices to make your original Matsu-fan card to show them off using StreetPass.



The game also features Osomatsu-san style clocks, calculators, timers, and other useful functions.



In addition to the standard edition of the game that goes for 4,800 yen, there will be a limited edition version that comes with 6 pins featuring the sextuplets for 6,800 yen.



The Animate Limited Edition version features a limited edition Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri! New Nintendo 3DS with its own Cover Plates, the game, the six pins, and a special surprise for 24,800 yen plus tax.


Osomatsu-san Matsumatsuri! releases in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on December 22, 2016.

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