Check Out These Awesome DS And PSP SkinsLong ago, I signed up for JLIST’s newsletter, which often comes with a smartly written introduction and is pretty informative when it comes to fun little facts about Japan and its culture. While I’ve yet to actually buy anything from them, I come across stuff that catches my attention all the time. This week it was these custom skins (watch out for NSFW stuff lower on the page) for the DS and PSP.


$6.25 (and up) seems a little on the high side for a sticker to paste onto your system, especially when there’s no guarantee of how easy it is to take it off; but hey, a little window shopping never hurt anyone. Plus some of these look awfully cool. I really like the one pictured to the right but I already have a metallic skin for my DS. Apologies for the horrible webcam quality pic.





Does anyone else use these? And yeah…as you can see, my DS suffers from a…slight hinge problem.


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