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Otaku Inventory: Strike Witches Limited Edition Comes With Panty Pouch

0 I came across this earlier in the week and it made me chuckle. In a shocking twist, Jlist actually does a better job of promoting Japanese games than most game publishers and online stores. Case in point: Strike Witches Limited Edition for DS, being promoted on the basis of coming with a DS pouch shaped like a pair of bloomers. Oh, the actual game sounds pretty quirky, too, but more on that after the bloomers:

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If you love World War II-themed anime series about extremely cute magical girls with animal ears flying missions and defending Earth from aliens (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to check out the new Nintendo DS Strike Witches game. Go on missions, destroy your enemies and interact with the cute girls of the Strike Witches battalion. This is the excellent limited edition of the DS game, which not only includes the game itself, but a plastic "clear file" document protector plus the piece de resistance, a special pouch made from the same material as Miyafuji’s bloomers (aka zubon, meaning "pantsu").


For anyone that doesn’t know what the Strike Witches DS game is, it’s an RPG with dating-sim-esque elements, just like Sakura Wars and Persona. You’re the commander of the strike witches, and you have to lead them in battle. Each girl has a different magical affinity, so you’ll need to decide which ones to use prior to each mission. The adventure part of the game involves you trying to get to know your teammates better. Once the war ends, you get to spend time with the girl of your choice. There are different endings, too, based on your choices during the adventure mode. There’s also a PS2 game.


The downside is the that Strike Witches Limited Edition with the panty pouch (OK, so they’re really bloomers) costs $105 on Jlist and it’s sold-out on Play-Asia, so unless you’re super-obsessed, you’re not going to bite.

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