Microsoft didn’t have Final Fantasy XIII to show at their fall media event in Japan. Ninja Blade, developed by Otogi creators From Software, was the new highlight. A modern day ninja leaps into the skies in this teaser clip of a self-described “cinematic action” game.




From Software will publish Ninja Blade in “early 2009” in Japan. No publisher has been announced for any other region, but Ninja Blade doesn’t look like the kind of title that will slip through the localization cracks. Ubisoft and Sega are possible choices as the international publisher since From Software has relationships with both of them. Microsoft is another likely possibility since Ninja Blade is an Xbox 360 exclusive and Microsoft has a habit of acting as a second party publisher for Japanese games in other regions. If it wasn’t for them Project Sylpheed wouldn’t have hit our shores. But is Ninja Blade really going to be an Xbox 360 exclusive? Enchanted Arms was “only for Xbox 360” until a year later when From Software repackaged with new content for the PlayStation 3.


Images courtesy of From Software.

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