Otome Visual Novel Follows Life After the Heroine Gets Married

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Otome visual novel Never Forget Me starts players where most visual novels end. As recently-married Amy, players will have to navigate the new challenges she meets in wedded life, whether by dealing with meddling in-laws, career issues, or rivals for her affections. 




The events of the game take place after those of the studio’s previous entry in the series, Always Remember Me. As Amy, players will choose to be married to one of the four men from the previous game, following a unique story for her relationships with them.


Amy will find herself working in a hospital, finding herself left out due to her husband’s desire for a career, dealing with a hateful character from her past as she tries to write a novel, facing the probing attention of her in-laws while she just wants to have her husband to herself, or receiving attention from one of the male models in her husband’s modeling agencies.




No matter which man the player chooses to start with, they will all offer five different endings based on the player’s choices. The player can also unlock two different optional endings for them, but to do so they will need to keep track of stats that grow based on their decisions as well.


Never Forget Me is available now on the developer’s site, with a possible Steam release to come. A demo is also available from the site as well.

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