Otome Visual Novel Ikusei Nikki Now Available In English

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Twin Project has released the English patch for the 2006 otome visual novel Ikusei Nikki by Japanese studio Water colors -games-.


First, you’ll need to download the original doujin game (direct download) and then you’ll need to download the English patch (download site). Then you’ll want to follow the instructions provided on Twin Project’s page to set it up correctly.


This is a 100 percent patch, meaning that everything is translated into English, including menus, dialog, and interfaces.



Ikusei Nikki has you playing as a young talented scientist called Tsukibashi Sayo. She’s described as being “boyish and cold” and as being “rude towards those who are close to her.”


She works at a research establishment on a project to create a synthetic life form with superior abilities to any human. She is also tasked with raising the child by her fellow scientists but she feels uneasy about this due to not having memories of being treated like a child herself.


The game has 16 endings and two obtainable people. If you get all the CGs and endings then you unlock a special bonus game that has another eight endings. If you need it, there is a game guide available.

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