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Overwatch Anniversary Skins Teased

overwatch anniversary skins mercy overwatch anniversary 2020

Sometimes, games’ anniversaries creep up on you. For example, the Overwatch anniversary 2020 is about to hit as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game are about to turn four years old. (The Nintendo Switch version is still a baby and not even a year old yet.) To help hype people up for the events, which will kick off on May 19, 2020, Blizzard has been gradually teasing some of the new Overwatch anniversary skins people might be able to acquire, with Ashe and B.O.B., Mercy, Reaper, and Zenyatta showing off their “legendary” new looks.

Ashe and B.O.B.’s outfit was teased first. Their look is based on the “Little Red Riding Hood” fable, with Ashe dressed as the red-hooded heroine and Bob as the Big Bad Wolf in grandma’s clothing.

The second Overwatch anniversary skin peek has Reaper ready for a party. He’s dressed up in a masquerade outfit complete with crimson attire, a fancy hat, and a mask over his… um, mask.

Zenyatta has a Huitzilopochtli skin inspired by an Aztec god.

The most recent reveal is an Overwatch anniversary skin for Mercy. Dragoon Mercy gives her green scaly armor, a dragon’s head helmet, and new wings that call to mind a dragon’s.

Overwatch is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The anniversary event will run from May 19 until June 9, 2020. As for other recent events, Echo joined the playable characters’ ranks in April 2020 and Overwatch 2 is in development.

Jenni Lada
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