Overwatch Shares Details On Symmetra’s Upcoming Major Redesign

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Overwatch’s support hero Symmetra is getting a major redesign soon, and game director Jeff Kaplan explains some of the adjustments and improvements that are currently being tested.


One of Symmetra’s biggest change comes from her Ult, giving her the choice to pick between two abilities. This makes her Overwatch’s first hero to have access to two Ultimate abilities.


The first is her Teleporter, which we’re all familiar with, but it will have more health with extra shield. Her other Ult is the “Shield Generator,” which provides allies with extra shield.


Symmetra’s shield ability will also get replaced by a “Photon Barrier,” which is closer to Reinhardt and Winston’s shield, except it’s projected on a track and moves forward. You can get a good idea with this amusing bit of footage. This can also be used to provide extra defense to her own devices or to push forward with a more aggressive play style.


She can also stock up six sentry turrets at once instead of three, so it should make things interesting for the initial setup of the matches when Symmetra is around.


Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Symmetra’s latest changes can be checked out in the latest PTR update.

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