Overwatch’s Shimada Bros. Genji And Hanzo Are Getting Nendoroids, Pre-Orders Now Live


The next two Overwatch characters to receive Nendoroid treatment are the brothers, Hanzo and Genji. The two characters join the growing list of super deformed style heroes that currently include Tracer, Mei, and Mercy.


genji 1

genji 2 genji 3


genji 4 genji 5


genji 6 genji 7


genji 8

genji 9 genji 10


Nendoroid Genji comes with extra parts such as his katana and wakizashi, and a translucent part that recreates his Deflect skill. He also comes with a sparrow feather that featured in the ‘Dragons’ animated short. Nendoroid Genji’s neck and chest are built differently from other Nendoroids which allows for more poseability.


hanzo 1



hanzo 2 hanzo 3


hanzo 4 hanzo 5


hanzo 6


Nendoroid Hanzo comes with his bow, a Normal and Scatter arrow respectively, and a Dragon part to recreate his Dragonstrike move. He also comes with two open hand parts to recreate his climbing ability.


nendo hanzo genji


Nendoroid Genji and Nendoroid Hanzo are both available for pre-order on Blizzard’s online store, priced at $49.99 each.

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