Looks like SNK is getting ready to put another round of classics on PlayStation Network and they dug deep into their vault. Beyond all of the NeoGeo treasures lies Ozma Wars, a space shooter developed by SNK in 1979.



According to the ESRB, that game will be released on PlayStation Network. Ozma Wars was rated for PSP and PlayStation 3, which makes it a likely candidate for the NeoGeo Station. (Although, I don’t think Ozma Wars was ever released on the NeoGeo…) Sasuke vs. Commander, a ninja shooting game, was also rated by the ESRB for PSP and PlayStation 3. Here’s a look at that title.



SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 0 will be released next week on PSP in Japan. Perhaps, SNK is going to celebrate by releasing some of their pre-Neo Geo games on PSN around the same time?

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