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Pace Yourself In Gravity Rush 2


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Gravity Rush 2 is a game where there’s lots to do. There are places to explore, story missions to complete, Talismans and costumes to collect, side quests to solve, challenges to attempt, and plenty of other activities. It’s huge. Even after the game is done, odds are you aren’t done. Which is why pacing is so important. You should know when to buckle down and when to take your time.


It’s important that you don’t worry about the side quests and additional challenges. There are going to be a lot of them. You’ll see them peppered across the map in each chapter. And there may be these anxiety that they won’t be there if you keep advancing the story. While it is true that they may disappear for a while, they’ll be back. Some quests will appear right away on the map in the next chapter, right where they were before. If they don’t, then they’ll be there at the very end of the game. Move at your own pace when playing Gravity Rush 2. You aren’t going to get locked out of anything.


You also shouldn’t let the abundance of precious gems spur you into making Power Up purchases you might not need. You don’t immediately have access to the heavier Jupiter and lighter Lunar styles. There are Fighting Skill, Evasion, Gravity Kick, Gravity Slide, Stasis Field, and Special Attack categories, all of which might be tempting to pump gems into.  And going into Fighting Skill and Stasis Field early on to increase the length and strength of her combos and number is a good idea. You’re always going to need to use on-ground attacks from time to time, and having the aim-assisted Stasis Field attacks are good when you might be at a loss regarding what to do next. But, it’s a good idea to hold off on major expenditures until you’ve reached the third chapter. Those abilities aren’t going anywhere, just like those side quests.


20170111_1359_11240_ But, in the midst of all this advice suggesting you take your time and not worry about certain things, there are some things you should be doing as much of as quickly as possible. Taking pictures with the Photo Mode is one of these things. You earn Dusty Tokens for the shots you take, and certain rewards become available for taking these photos. The rewards start out small. You might get additional gestures and props to start. For example, one of the first things you’ll earn is a saluting motion for 100 Dusty Tokens. Eventually, you can earn and find 20 gestures, 25 props, and 10 costumes for this feature, all of which are appreciated. You can check for what’s unlockable in the statistics menu, which I recommend. Know what you want to shoot for, before you start!


Participating in Gravity Rush 2’s Treasure Hunts is a great way to encourage amateur photography and earn those points, while interacting with other players. If you hang around an area and wander around, you’ll get a notification offering you an opportunity to participate in a Treasure Hunt. When this happens, you can activate the notification and begin searching for the item. The picture will appear at the bottom right of the screen, letting you constantly look for that hint. A beeping will let you know when you’re getting close and Kat will warn you if you wander too far away. Once you get to the chest, you can use Photo Mode to take your hint picture to share online with some other random player.


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You also should look for manholes as soon as possible. Go out of your way to find these fast travel spots. If you’re taking your time to wander around new areas and appreciate the view, you might find these on your way. If you aren’t, then take to the sky to search for the 21 available. When she’s flying through the sky, you can see colored circles that represent these hotspots and send out rings. Zero in on and touch them to make them available.


I suppose what I’m saying is, Gravity Rush 2 is a game where you should know when to buckle down and when to relax. You can take your time when it comes to side quests, challenges, and upgrading. Kat is eventually going to earn new styles from story quests, which means upgrading isn’t something you have to immediately invest in, and the additional activities will always be there. But, when it comes to finding the fast travel manholes, participating in Treasure Hunts, and taking pictures, hop into that as soon as possible. You’ll find a path and pattern that works for you as you play, so don’t speed through things. Enjoy the game at your own pace.


Gravity Rush 2 releases on the PlayStation 4 in North America on January 20, 2017. It is available in Europe and Japan.

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