A Pair of Girls Swap Siblings And Lives In Visual Novel The Sibling Experiment

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TJ and Jasmine are sick of their brothers and how they act, so they sign up for an experiment that switches more than their siblings in Free-to-Play visual novel The Sibling Experiment.




Jasmine is a high-maintenance girl, whereas TJ is more of a punk. Both of them have troubles with their brothers, but after signing up for the experiment, they find themselves stuck in the lives of the other.


Players will have to help the two girls as they find themselves living through lives completely different from what they’re used to, as well as dealing with their new (but still annoying) brother. They will also have to help them find if there is any way to get out of the experiment.




Players will be able to join in on this life-swapping experience should the game receive enough votes on Steam Greenlight. The developer hopes to release it in January 2017.

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