Pandora’s Tower has a release date in North America. Xseed announced this morning that the Wii action game will be released on April 16th. The game also now has an official website, where you can read up on its characters, weapons and more. Additionally, you can watch a new trailer below:



Pandora’s Tower is a story about Aeron and Elena. Elena is a singer plagued by a curse that’s turning her into a monster. The only way to ward the curse off and stop it entirely is for Elena to eat the meat of thirteen monsters called “masters”. Aeron and Elena find refuge in an observatory located in the wastelands, in a rift known as “The Scar”. From here, with the help of a merchant named Mavda, Aeron begins to visit the mysterious towers in the Scar, to find and kill the masters and bring their meat back to Elena.


Pandora’s Tower was developed by Ganbarion (One Piece: Unlimited Cruise) in collaboration with Nintendo, who published the game in Japan and Europe. North America will see the game on April 16th for $40.


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