hellokittyzDorasu released Hello Kitty & Me! Block Crash V for PlayStation Vita in June. It’s essentially Breakout with girls dressed in Hello Kitty clothes. No, Hello Kitty isn’t playable either.

Hello Kitty & Me! Block Crash Z is on its way to Nintendo 3DS on October 11. This version has crossover characters like Kooh from Pangya and Tina from the FPS game Paperman. Each of these characters bring new gimmicks like wind that changes the ball’s trajectory in the Pangya levels and pigs from Paperman that react to the 3DS’ gyro sensor.


Hello Kitty & Me! Block Crash Z also has tie ups with two idol groups: dela and Idol Classroom. The 3DS version costs 4,200 yen ($54) while the Vita release is 4,800 yen ($62).


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