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Panty Party Online Mode Arriving Next Week on Nintendo Switch


Cosen has announced that the 3D battle game Panty Party will be adding online and local communication support on February 6, 2020, via a free update. This will be delivered globally to both the digital and physical versions of the game. The Panty Party online mode includes ranked battles with 4 players battling it out for the prize of top panty, as well as being able to create battle rooms for both individual matches and for 2 vs 2 player matches.

Panty Party isn’t, as the name suggests, an adult visual novel game, but rather a tongue in cheek take on the 3D battle genre. Players play as a pair of panties and beat up evil panties in the game’s fast-paced combat. The more panties you defeat, the more panties you unlock, with each panty offering both a different aesthetic design and different special skills. A nonsensical story-line runs alongside the action in the game’s story mode where you, as the Warrior of Love, have to save humans from being transformed into panties.

Panty Party is available now worldwide for Nintendo Switch via the eShop. A limited multi-language physical release is also available in Asia. An earlier Steam version was published back in 2017 by Animu Game.

Brian Cooper
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