Part 4 Of The Discussion Between Takehiko Inoue And Eiichiro Oda



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Part 4 of 6 of Eastern Edge’s ongoing translation of a published conversation between the authors of Vagabond and One Piece is now up for your reading pleasure.


In part 4, we get to hear a little bit from Inoue on the difficulties he found himself facing last spring — back when this talk was published — with regard to his creative work:


Inoue: Yeah. Comic creation is supposed to be something you do because you love it, right? Nothing gets you pumped up more than drawing comics, so you can keep going no matter how tough things get.


Oda: Yeah.


Inoue: However I’ve come to a point where, in the balance between the tough times and the fun times, if the pleasure in the work becomes diminished any further, I may not be able to go on. Right now I’m trying to somehow find my way through, because I know I have to get past this.


Just recently, Inoue announced that Vagabond, which first debuted in 1998, will remain on extended hiatus while he rests his body and waits for his health to recover. Incidentally, did you know Inoue also worked on character designs for Lost Odyssey?

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