Pawsonify Persona 5 Royal Cat Accessories are Shockingly Practical

Pawsonify Persona 5 Royal Cat Accessories are Quite Practical

I’ve been around animals for a long time. Both as someone who’s owned a cat and volunteered in a shelter, I’ve seen a lot. There are a lot of accessories for pets that can end up being more about form than function. Especially if it gets into the range of costumes. Like I loved the Kirby cat hat I subjected my late cat too, but it wasn’t all that well made and it was more of a thing I’d coerce him into wearing for a few pictures, then need to take off because it was “delicate.” It’s a nice change of pace to see the Pawsonify Persona 5 Royal cat accessories are instead the sort of daily life items you can actually use.

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I ended up being sent two items to check out in person. One is the Persona 5 Royal Panther ID tag, and the other is the Phantom Thieves cat collar. Normally the former would be $22, engraving included, and the latter $20. After seeing both in person, the pricing isn’t unreasonable. This is a hard metal tag with multiple colors and a relatively intricate design. I’ve paid upwards of $10 for engraved, plain brass tags before. The collar is made of nylon and is fairly strong. There’s a plastic breakaway fastener, which when I tested (when not on the cat) had no trouble pulling apart under stress. I’d feel safe leaving it on Callie the cat at all times.

What I appreciated about the tag itself is that this does feel like an enamel tag with a protective finish, as well as a sturdy metal. The last time I got a novelty tag for a pet, it involved a How to Train Your Dragons Toothless finish. Because of the nature of it and no protective coating, various dings and scratches meant part of Toothless’ face was gone after almost two years. I could see this Persona 5 Royal Panther ID tag lasting for years, due to the design.

It’s also appreciated that the Pawsonify products allowed me to customize the Persona 5 Royal cat collar ever so slightly. The subject of this analysis and photo shoot is skittish around certain sorts of noises, like car alarms, door bells, knocking on doors, and — inconveniently — bells. The nature of it means that I could remove the bell once her discomfort became evident. (Note that no cats were harmed over the course of this assessment. I rewarded the participant with ample treats.)

Another helpful bonus is that the Persona 5 Royal cat collar does feel durable and sturdy, but it isn’t too wide or thick. There have been issues with what kinds of collars Callie can actually wear. If it’s too wide, she will kick at it until it comes off. If it is too thick or has too many embellishments or tabs, she will scratch at her neck due to the irritation. She’s been wearing this collar for over three days now and shown no discomfort whatsoever. It almost seems like she doesn’t realize it is there, which is an ideal situation. I do wish the character art of people like Joker and Fox was a bit more distinct on it, but this is teh cat-size collar and it might be more evident on a dog collar or leash.

It honestly seems like the Pawsonify line of Persona 5 Royal cat and dog items fall into the sweet spot of properly citing source material and being something you could actually use. The collar and tag seem durable enough that I could use them without any concerns on a daily basis. The sizing is such that our test subject Callie actually didn’t care about being forced to wear it, which is quite a feat. It also is a faithful reproduction of iconic designs, though people getting the cat collar

The Persona 5 Royal Pawsonify cat and dog accessories are available now.

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