PC Owners Of Hatoful Boyfriend To Get PlayStation Version’s Extra Story For Free

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It was announced a couple of weeks back that the PlayStation versions (PS4 / PS Vita) of Hatoful Boyfriend would be getting an extra route featuring Tohri that’s not available in the original PC version of the game.


However, the dating sim’s original creator Hato Moa isn’t happy with this, and has announced that she’ll be bringing the Tohri route to PC for free.


“I do not want to force fandom to purchase Hatoful again and again just for bonus scenes. So I will personally make a free Japanese/English VN with the new Tohri scenes script,” she wrote on her Tumblr.

“Just please note that Tohri route in PS is developed by Mediatonic but the free VN will be by me as always. This means both of them have the same script however, perhaps other will be different each other. (pictures, sound effects, musics, etc.) Also maybe the free VN takes some time to be completed. I’m trying to release this autumn. Thank Sony for allowing me to release the free Tohri VN!”


It’s implied here that the Tohri route will be turned into a completely separate visual novel that will be available to anyone for free. However, it seems more likely that it’ll be available as DLC for owners of the full game to download. We’ll know for sure this fall when it comes out.

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