Performance Designed Products is a company that deals in accessories and controllers for video game systems. Amongst their more recent notable products are the custom Epic Mickey and Tron controllers that we posted about in June of last year.


PDP are producing a “Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad” for the Xbox 360, to coincide with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A wired six-button controller, the Versus Fighting Pad is an asymmetrical design, which PDP feel make the controller easier to grip. To complement this is a special no-slip finish coating the body of the controller.


The thumb stick, PDP say, is custom-designed and is constructed to emulate an arcade stick. If you’re wondering what the art on the controller exterior is, it’s from Marvel’s Siege comic series.


The Versus Fighting Pad is compatible with all Xbox 360 fighting games and is up for purchase now for $39.99.


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