People Can Play Wand Of Fortune’s Prologue And Julius Route Now And Alvaro’s Route ‘Soon’

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10 years after Wand of Fortune debuted on the PlayStation 2 in Japan, the Idea Factory and Otomate visual novel has finally received an English release. After teases for it appeared in the Story Jar @ Shall We Date? mobile application in December 2018, the first portions of the game have been released. People can now go through the prologue and play through the Julius storyline. In addition, the Alvaro route has been confirmed as the second one that will be released.


In Wand of Fortune, players follow a young woman named Lulu in a world where magic is real. She’s unique, in that she doesn’t have a magical element in a world where people tend to have one tied to them. However, this isn’t such a great thing. If she doesn’t acquire one at school, she could have her magic sealed away. By interacting with bachelors, each one conveniently with one of six different sorts of magic elements, she can solve her problem and perhaps find love.


Julius uses wind magic and is very studious. Initially, it might seem like he is interested in Lulu due to the fact that she doesn’t have an element, which is quite an anomaly. Alvaro’s element is light, and he’s a more antagonistic and rebellious sort. If someone goes down his route, they might not be sure if he actually really does or doesn’t like Lulu.


Wand of Fortune is immediately available on Android and Apple iOS devices through the Story Jar @ Shall We Date? app on Google Play and iTunes. It is immediately available on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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