People Are Still Publishing DSiWare Games

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The Nintendo DSi might be well past its glory days, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped publishing games for it. Heading Out Octopus is a new DSiware game that bills itself in the “Going out and Collecting” genre. In the game, players control Takorin, an octopus exploring the world. He’ll be able to go to more places as the story advances and he collects more items. All to be hoarded in his home, apparently.


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It’s mostly a time-waster game, aimed right at getting kids to settle down, so don’t worry about the MS Paint-ish graphics. Takorin can be given a task to set out on a travel journey and it seems you will pretty much watch the slow journey as he gets there. There are apparently plenty of items to collect even post-story. You can also speed him up by cheering him on if you can’t wait the real-world minutes it will take him to get there, though you can also put the DSi to sleep and let him keep walkin’ on down.


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Heading Out Octopus will be published for the Nintendo DSi on its eStore February 12th.

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