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Peripheral Manufacturer Think They Know Nintendo 3DS Release Date


Keys Factory are a peripheral development company that provide third-party accessories and peripherals ranging across different DS hardware platforms. They’ve developed screen guards for the Nintendo DS, customized stylii, and even provide outsourcing for graphics production.


Now, they’re the company that just might have let slip the release date of the Nintendo 3DS, but not really. In a post on Twitter, someone associated with Keys Factory, going by the moniker, “nocchisan,” posted the following:


The message basically reads: “The accessories we designed for the 3ds that will be released on 11/20 will be sold simultaneously along with 11 different products. Those getting the 3DS, get this at the same time! In time, the homepage will be posting this information too. Ah, but it doesn’t matter anymore to me, does it? w Best regards”


Here’s the fun bit though. Shortly after the post was made, it, along with nocchisan’s entire Twitter feed, was taken down.


So is the 3DS really dated for two months from now in Japan? It’s quite likely, considering Nintendo have a conference planned for September 29th, where they’re scheduled to reveal further details on the device. Expect to learn a lot more then.


Alas, I doubt we’ll ever learn what happened to poor nocchisan. Or perhaps he did it on purpose? He does say, “Ah, but it doesn’t matter anymore to me, does it?” One could interpret that in any number of ways.

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