This Person Decided To Play Tekken With A Piano



Meet Peter Oehler, who, as part of a class on Interaction Design, decided  that it would be really cool to combine his two hobbies of playing the piano and Tekken. So he went out and used Arduino to hook his piano and a bunch of other items up together.


This then enabled him to hack up a playable version of Tekken using only his piano and ability to mash buttons in a whole new way. He’s even able to beat an online player using only his piano, as seen in his video. If you’re interested in shots of how the board looks (It turned out pretty spiffy!) you can check his site out here.


Whatever the case, it sure looks a hell lot easier to play Tekken on a piano than it does… Doom. I don’t even want to know how you’d get past anything more than the first stage playing Piano Doom