Persona 2 Tatsuya and Maya Nendoroids Open for Pre-Order

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The Persona 2 protagonists, Tatsuya Suou and Maya Amano, are ready to investigate…as Nendoroids. The two are available to pre-order from Good Smile Company. Tatsuya will appear as he does in Innocent Sin, which is the game he was the protagonist of. You will have until July 6, 2022, to pre-order these Nendoroids. They will both come out in November 2022 for Japan and January 2023 for North America.

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The Persona 2: Innocent Sin Tatsuya Nendoroid will have two face plates: a standard one and a surprised one. He will also come with a sword, a microphone, a mic stand, and a lighter. It is a little difficult to see which lighter it is. However, as this is the version of Tatsuya from Innocent Sin, it is likely the lighter he received from Jun. The Tatsuya Nendoroid will cost 6100 JPY, or $55.99.

The Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Maya Nendoroid will lend herself to slightly more variations in poses. Unlike Tatsuya, she will have three expressions: a standard one, a surprised one, and a winking one. She will come with her two pink handguns and interviewing equipment, which consists of a microphone and a bag. She will also come with a guardrail that has a butterfly on it, which you can set next to her. The Maya Nendoroid will cost 6200 JPY, or $56.99.

Good Smile Company first announced Nendoroids for the Persona 2 and 3 protagonists in February 2022. Pre-orders for the Persona 3 Protagonist Nendoroid are open until June 2, 2022. The Tatsuya and Maya Nendoroids are available for pre-order until July 6, 2022.

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