Persona 3 Movies Blu-Ray Set to Come Out in 2023

persona 3 blu-ray

All four movies from the theatrical release of Persona 3 will be available in a Blu-Ray box. It will come out on February 22, 2023. It will come in an exclusive box featuring the Persona 3 protagonist (Makoto Yuki in the film series), and there will also be a special booklet. In total, the box set will cost 29,000 JPY, which is around $214.90. [Thanks, Inside!]

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The movies that will come in the Persona 3 Blu-Ray box set are:

  • Spring of Birth
  • Midsummer Knight’s Dream
  • Falling Down
  • Winter of Rebirth

These movies all follow the main story campaign (as of Persona 3 FES, this is The Journey), with the voice actors from the game reprising their role in the movies. Outside of the exclusive goodies, the Blu-Ray box set will also come with the soundtrack, which will have 4 CDs in it. Spring of Birth originally debuted in 2013 and a new one came out every year until Winter of Rebirth in 2016.

Persona 3 originally came out for the PS2 in 2006. The PSP version of the game, P3P, will be ported in 2023. Since the movies are essentially re-telling the main plot of the game, it will have spoilers for anyone who has not played Persona 3 before. It follows the story of an unnamed protagonist (Makoto Yuki in the films) who awakens to a mysterious Persona power. He joins SEES, which is full of other Persona users, to investigate strange occurrences in the seaside city of Iwatodai.

The Persona 3 Blu-Ray box set will be available to purchase from February 22, 2023. P3P will come out on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Windows PC on January 19, 2023.

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