Persona 3 Portable Heroine Appears on AMNIBUS Collaboration Merchandise


Japanese retailer AMNIBUS released another series of Persona 3-inspired merchandise. This line includes a phone case, key case, pass case, and a large tote bag. One of these items, the pass case, even features the often overlooked Persona 3 Portable heroine. Consumers can immediately get their hands on these pieces of merchandise through the AMNIBUS website. However, shipping is strictly limited to Japan. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The first piece of merchandise on the list is the Persona 3-inspired phone case. The phone case carries the S.E.E.S branding. It also has the gun motif that has become iconic for this entry on the back cover. The smart phone case will cost ¥3,500 (or roughly $34) and comes in sizes M and L.

The second piece of merchandise is the Persona 3 key case. The key case will come with two large keyrings and five small keyrings. Additionally, the case itself features a series of waning and waxing moons. The case will cost  ¥3,980 (or roughly $37) and is made out of synthetic leather.

The Persona 3 pass case features illustrations of both the original hero and Persona 3 Portable heroine main and will cost ¥1,800 (or approximately $17). Additionally, the pass case will come with a reel strap. And the last piece of merchandise on the list is a Persona 3 inspired tote bag. However, unlike the Persona 3 phone case, the bag features branding associated with Gekkoukan High School.

In June 2020, AMNIBUS released another series of Persona 3 goods. This included a phone case and pass case featuring artwork of the male player character.

Persona 3 originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Persona 3 Portable debuted on the PlayStation Portable in 2009.

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