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Persona 3 Reload School Uniforms Available fot Cosplay

Cospa opened up pre-orders for cosplay uniforms of Gekkoukan High School from Persona 3 Reload. You’ll be able to use these outfits as part of a costume.

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Atlus helped to supervise the outfits’ creations, so you can be sure that they’re authentic recreations. All of the details of the designs are on the uniforms. There is a boy version, as well as a girl version. As a note, Cospa does not offer the top and the bottom as a set. You’ll need to purchase them separately. As another note, the male uniform is cheaper than the female one for whatever reason. The male top costs 52,800 JPY ($351.20) and the bottom costs 17,600 JPY ($117.05). Meanwhile, the female top costs 61,600 JPY ($409.70) and the bottom costs $20,350 ($135.35).

The Gekkoukan High School uniform in Persona 3 Reload is on the plain side, much like the uniform for Yasogami High School. It features a black blazer jacket over a white shirt, with the school’s crest over the chest. The guys have a black ribbon and the girls have a larger red one. You can also personalize the way that you wear the uniforms, much like the characters in the game. For example, Fuuka wears a different shirt underneath the blazer and Yukari wears a pink sweater instead of her blazer.

Persona 3 Reload is readily available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. Cospa does not offer international shipping.

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