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Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Latest Trailer Shows The Other Idol Kanami



    Kanami Mashita, the other idol of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, was previously only mentioned by name, but you can now see her in action., and also made a brief appearance in Persona 4 The Golden Animation, but she will make her playable debut in the upcoming music game. A trailer for her is available for viewing now.



    In the video, Kanami starts out by sharing her hopes for nice weather for the upcoming event, but she also seems to be concerned about how her costume is a little tight on her around the chest, and wonders if she has gained some weight. Kanami is described as an optimist, and someone that typically tries her best.


    She talks about how there’s someone whom she admires, and it’s because of that person that she decided to become an idol. Kanami then says that she was always a strange one since she was little, so she didn’t have too many friends, and it made her really happy to be called a friend. She ends the video by asking the viewers what they think.


    You can check out some of the earlier character introduction videos with Yu Narukami stepping up his swagger with some sweet dance moves, along with the “Scandalous Superstar” Rise Kujikawa explaining how dancing isn’t just about rhythm, but also “feeling the music”.


    Persona 4: Dancing All Night releases in Japan on June 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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